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Product Overview

The Conformity stem is a classic, fully Hydroxyapatite (HA) coated femoral stem with a unique profile for ideal biomechanical performance. Standard and high offset options enable the surgeon to finely adjust the tension for soft tissues around the hip joint to help achieve better joint stability.

Conformity offers a fully hydroxyapatite coated stem with 155 μm thickness to promote ideal osteointegration.

A compaction broaching technique is utilized to help provide initial stability and preserve bone stock and blood supply.

4 Options for Neck Restoration


Product Features

Slide Medial Step Feature
Designed to reduced hoop stress.
Standard Offset 135° neck angle offered in
■ Collared ■ Collarless ■ Cemented
High Offset 135° neck angle
offered in
■ Collared ■ Collarless ■ Cemented
Coxa Vara 125° neck angle with collared option only Short Neck 135° neck angle with collared option only
Horizontal and Vertical Groove
Designed to reduce potential for stem subsidence and to improve rotational stability.
Hydroxyapatite coating allows for optimal osteointegration.

Optimized Instruments

Neck Template & Ruler

  • Facilitate checking the head center to identify optimal neck options.

Broaching Rasp with rib-type teeth

  • Compaction style broach assists with minimizing cancellous bone loss during extraction of femoral canal preparation.
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