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Each Step We Care

At United Orthopedic, we provide superior service to our surgeon customers by being more responsive, agile, and versatile. We listen to surgeons carefully and are uniquely able to meet their unmet needs through a vertically integrated manufacturing process that allows us to control every critical step of the process in order to bring our products to market more efficiently. For over 30 years, United has built a reputation for caring about surgeons, other health care providers, and patients around the world with a broad portfolio of safe, reliable products designed and produced with care at every step.


We show that we care about our patients by continuously improving our product development and manufacturing processes in order to deliver high quality surgical solutions.

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Surgeon Customers

We show that we care about our surgeon customers by carefully listening to their needs and quickly delivering solutions to assist them in achieving successful clinical outcomes.

Healthcare Partners

We show that we care about our healthcare partners by providing versatile, cost-effective product options which are designed to deliver effective surgical solutions.

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